The Tickle make him crazy: Tickling double session on the bondage bench performing at Mistress Nina’s Studio in Bruxelles.

The Smoking Goddess: Mistress On her throne takes a break after the session, the sub’s mouth is filled with a special bondage gear, now he’s fit to be turned in a real human ashtray.

The vacuum bed double session: Mistress Regina and her assistant CBT and Violet wand session.  The Slave is encased in the latex sack, Regina controls his breath by the gas mask. The suction play goes on…

The Cane on the Bench: The Pony slave bound on the bench, he’s subject to an hard caning treatment, each blow is beat with no mercy by the Mistress.



Mistress Regina is a stunning, petite domina, ultra feminine with cascading flaming red hair and long sharp nails. A true sadist with a smile, sensual but strict, her piercing blue eyes love to watch you, up close, suffering for her pleasure. She loves the attire of the domme, the pleasure and power of being adorned in leather and latex. Although expert in many areas of play she is drawn to heavy masochists and those who love extreme medical play including needle play and piercings (she worked as a piercer for many years before becoming a domme). She also specialises in: smoking scenes; extreme anal including rubber fisting & prostate massage; CP; and pony play. She has performed in many of Europe’s top fetish clubs including displaying her skills in body modification & artistic medical suturing. Based in Milan, Mistress Regina’s dungeon is arguably the largest and most equipped in Italy and is designed to allow subs of all skill levels to experience their limits and explore their desires under her expert guidance.

Outdoor session with Mistress Sidonia, Pony Riding and Hard Flogging.