Where your Dungeon is located in?

I’m based in Corso XXII marzo, really close to the city center easy to reach by car, taxi or Public Transport.I have a full equipped Bdsm Studio one of the biggest and most popular in Italy.

What is the minimum time I can visit you for?

The minimum amount of time for a session starting  from 1h on.

The amount of time for Medical Play & Latex Games is extended from 2 h on.

I’m available for 24 h Sessions as kidnapping or segregation games with two weeks notice.

Do you consider a different duration time for soft practices or foot fetish sessions?

Usually i don’t. Rarely i consider the amount of time less than 1 h.

Can you reach me to My hotel?

Yes I will occasionally provide out-call appointments if the hotel is not far from the city center. I don’t reach you to the outskirts of the town. There is also an additional charge.

How many people do you usually see in a day?

 I do not see more than 2 clients a day.

What days you’re available?

Normally you can find me from Monday to Saturday, sometimes even on Sunday with a proper notice.

What are the studio schedules?

From 10.00 am Until 9.00 pm. Later in according with my commitments.

Can i Take a shower when arriving?

Sure you can take a shower when come in and even another one afterwards. This is not included into the “play” time of course.

Do you have a sub for me to play with in?

Yes, I am able to provide both male and female slaves. If you wish to join me with my slaves, do not forget to point it out when book the appointment.

 Do you play with couples?

Yes of course, i enjoy to meet couples either as an active teacher as a mentor. Although I would prefer to speak with your Girlfriend / Wife before booking.

Do you offer a special treatments for Students or beginners?

Absolutely not. I find it unappropriated. Just to say “next question”.

Is possible to chat before starting the session?

Sure. I always chat before begin, if you are nervous or bit concerned about what the session is going to be and would like to remind me your limits just let me know.

How much notice to cancel the appointment?

One day before is strictly recommended. The same day only a couple of time. Cancel the appointment at the last minute will be seen as who do not turn up.
So I am no longer willing to play without a deposit otherwise you will be listed as a time-waster.

Can we film or take pictures during a session?

It may be. Sometimes I take pictures and rarely filming a short clips but only if you keep your face covered. All film must be possible to used at my discretion and posting it online.

Can i ask for an Exclusive Shot? 

If you would like to get an Exclusive shot there’s an additional charge and there must be sufficient notice before session take place. This is due because I don’t like to be interrupted during the game.

What are conditions for playing extreme Fisting or Anal Training?

 Is better to be cleaned internally before arrive. However is possible to give an Enema or Anal shower if you are not able to do it on your own. I can not hold any kind of Anal games until you’re totally cleaned.

Can i choose the outfit i’d like to see you wear during the session?

Sure, i consider any outfit suggestions as long as it was be notified on time. My wardrobe ranges from any kind of Lingerie to Role Play costumes Elegant Dresses Female Boss outfits to Latex, Leather Lycra Zentai Catsuit and PVC. If you wish to see me wear on outfit i do not already own you can purchase it for me provided that i consider it appropriated or have given you the right instructions. Look at the size chart below.

Can i give an outfit for you to wear for the session?

Yes of course. Here’s my size.

6/8 for dresses –  38 ITA Size chart.

Size 4 for shoes – 37 ITA Size Chart.

Will you travel in another country?

I traveled frequently over the years especially in Germany, Belgium and Uk. Take a Look on my site it is regularly updated and tour dates always notified.

About Exclusive tour, is it possible?

The Exclusive tour is possible only if i met you in person before. All my expenses must be covered in advance booking the fly ticket and giving a small deposit as a guarantee to do not waste my time. Deposit is not refundable.

Do you chat for Financial Domination?

Usually not. I can do it but only in exceptional cases, and i want to point out that a tribute must be given prior to exchange any chat.This is due because Social networks are full of fake profiles and a lot people waisted my time too much often over the years.

Do you offer Skype or phone Domination?

No I dont.